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Hospital Pharmacy Training

Are you a Pharmacist looking to refine your clinical skills or transition  from retail  to hospital, long term care, IV infusion, or acute care pharmacy? 


Healthcare Training Academy by HSC has the comprehensive, cost-effective training that will give you the confidence to take care of your patients as a clinical pharmacist.

We understand how overwhelming and complicated it can be to apply academics knowledge to practical bedside care, we are here to help!

Our courses are  designed to fill the practice knowledge gap for new graduates, retail pharmacists, and pharmacists who desire in-depth clinical knowledge for improved patient outcome. 

If you are a preceptor, our modules will  help streamline your interns to guided clinical training.

The course also offers National IV certification in addition to other benefits. 

Join us to bring your unique experience to the bedside and save thousands of lives every year.

Choose one of three packages:

All options include:

  • Three Days Jump-Start (Ph3)
  • Five Days
  • Online

  • Training Manuals
  • National IV Certification
  • 40/20 Hours of ACPE Credit
  • Hospital Pharmacist Specialist Certification


Course Outline:


  • Hospital Pharmacy Practice
  • Daily Dozen Checklist for Hospital Pharmacist
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports
  • Clinical Briefing
  • PCU (Patient Care Unit) Triage
    • Hospital Emergency Department
    • Medical Floor (MEDSURG)
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • Day Surgery
    • Women’s Center (LND, PP)
    • Neonatal Unit (NUR, SCN, NICU)
    • Other Units
  • Codes/Alerts
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • White
    • Green
  • CHIQ Readiness Daily
  • ACLS Guidelines and Codes Response Protocols
  • Age-Specific Competency Preparedness
    • Neonates and Infant Patients
    • Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
    • Adolescent Patients
    • Adult Patients
    • Geriatric Patients
    • Obstetric Patients
  • Clinical Reports, Interventions, and Documentations Required
    • Microbiology Reports Basics and Antibiogram
    • Anticoagulant Report and Monitoring Parameters
    • Creatinine Clearance Less Than 40 Report
    • Antibiotic Streamlining and Monitoring
    • Disease Monitoring Parameters
    • Aminoglycoside Dosing
    • Epogen Dosing and Monitoring
    • Vancomycin Dosing and Trough Monitoring
    • Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring and Reporting
  • Other Clinical Interventions
    • Renal Dosing 
    • TPNs 
    • Maintenance Fluids and Electrolytes
    • IV to PO Conversion Guidelines
    • Patient Discharge Chart Review and Medication Education
  • Administration
    • Therapeutics and Formulary Committee
    • JCAHO Regulations for Hospital 
    • National Patient Safety Goals
    • Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals and Infection Control 
    • TDH Regulations for Hospital Pharmacies
  • Hospital Pharmacy Stock Management
  • Hazardous Medications Handling Requirements
  • High Risk Medication Handling Requirements
  • Controlled Substances Distribution
  • Look Alike Sound Alike Drugs in a Hospital Setting
  • Hospital Pharmacy Computer System
    • Doctor's Order (Fax, Paper, CPOE)
    • Order Sets
    • Computer Programs Used in Hospital
  • Patient Medication Orders
    • Receiving
    • Interpreting (STATs, PRNs, and Scheduled Maintenance and Home Medications)
  • JCAHO-Approved Hospital Abbreviations
  • Order Entry
    • Minimizing Order Entry Errors Using PDM Format
    • Checking IVs, Anesthesia Boxes, Crash Carts, etc. With Precision
    • Monitoring Automated Dispensing System Like Pyxis
    • Cart Fill, Automated Dispensing System Refill, Robots
    • Reducing Medication Errors in Hospital
    • High Alert Medications
    • High Risk Drips
  • Preparing IVs (Staff: Pharmacy Technicians, Nurses, Doctors)
    • National IV Certification Class Included (20 Hours ACPE)
    • Best Practice in Preparing and Handling IVs
  • Career Brief/Resume Preparation
    • Professional Skill Development
    • Continuing Education
    • Interview Tips

Modules inside the Healthcare Academy ~Hospital pharmacy ~online 
Code Blue
ICU Bedside care and rounding
Emergency Medicine Pharmacy practice
Infectious Disease and Antibiotic Stewardship
Renal pharmacy Practice
Cardiovascular inpatient care

 Healthcare Academy 2018 Academic Schedule

Check the information below to see which class time will work best for you. We have classes starting every month and they only take one or two weekends to complete.

Location 1: 

Most major cities in Texas and Florida

Location 2:

Online Master Classes, learn at your own pace!!!

Location 3:

Choose your location; we come to you (for Group or Executive level classes only)

Call today to reserve your spot!

Main Office Address:

Healthcare  Academy Professional Center

906 E 11th Street

Del Rio, Texas 78840

Office Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Training Fee:

$995.00 for PayPal Payments

Fee includes textbook and all necessary practice material

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