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About Us

Healthcare Specialty Consultants LLC in Wellington, Florida exists to serve the continuing education needs of healthcare professionals. Our team has more than 15 years of collective experience in the industry.

What We Do

We provide IV certification, continuing education, and advanced practice specialty certification courses. To improve outcome in patient care, we also conduct knowledge application training.

Our customers are healthcare practitioners and the patients they serve. We use a whole-career optimization approach in our specialty and certification programs. Then we guide our students to apply what they have learned in order to achieve a significant goal. We do this procedure to equip participants with skills and knowledge because the lives of their patients depend on them.

To meet the current dynamics of patient care, our certification and recertification process is continuously evaluated. Our certification specialists are healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in their field of expertise.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver quality education our healthcare community can trust.

Vision Statement

Our objective is to be the premier provider of continuing education courses, IV certification classes, advanced practice specialty certification programs, and job placement for healthcare practitioners.


We aim to strengthen our foundation through specialty-driven empowerment of healthcare professionals.


Go specialty! Lives depend on it.

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At Healthcare Specialty Consultants LLC, we want to stay connected with our students. To find out more about courses and programs, follow us on social media. We also encourage you to join our healthcare community blog.

IV Certification Program

If you need an IV certification, we have the complete training program for you. Learn how we can help you prepare for the state or national examination.

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